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Real Weddings: Karri & Dan

Karri & Dan's Stonebarn Wedding

Karri and Dan were wed at Stonebarn on 8th April 2023. They, along with Victoria Baker Phography, have been kind enough to share their wedding story with us. They hope more people get to have the same experience that they were able to enjoy so much!

Initially, Karri and Dan were looking for a venue in the South West. They had googled quite a few venues from Yallingup to Denmark. Then one day on Instagram Karri came across a photo from a Stonebarn wedding. This prompted her to arrange a site visit. She booked it a a couple of weeks later at work. One of the other paramedics said she had also got married at Stonebarn. She said it was unparalleled to any other venue they had looked at. It was so magical for their day.

Karri and Dan chose Stonebarn because they found the lodge incredibly beautiful. The lake, grassed hill and ceremonial areas available suited their rustic vision and appealed to their love of nature. The biggest reason they chose Stonebarn however was the ability for both families to stay at the venue. They could enjoy the weekend all together and get to know each other in a fun, stunning setting. The venue was the perfect size to fit both families. All 16 people were comfortable with their own spaces. They were all there but never on top of one another.

Karri and Dan chose the 2 night weekend package. They travelled down the day before. They were able to share their meals and set up everything in the company of both families. If they had their time again, they probably would have chosen an extra night. They would have liked to have relaxed all together the next day instead of getting up and packing up everything. With the exception of the flowers, they provided all the decorations and accessories themselves.

Karri and Dan’s ceremony wasn’t until 3.30pm on the Saturday and they arrived early on the Friday from Perth. They had plenty of time to set up the venue on the Friday and get themselves ready on the Saturday morning. Karri had her hair and make up done by Allure Beauty & Co.

Karen Willis Holmes Bridal made Karri’s dress.

Esther & Co made the bridesmaid dresses.

They bought the ties and groom accessories from Peggy & Finn.

They chose the Upper Clearing for their wedding ceremony. Guests were able to walk there from the lodge.

They could also use the Lower Clearing as parking for guests incapable of the walk. Karri also didn’t have to worry about walking all the way from the lodge in her dress.

Karri and Dan used the all following Stonebarn furniture free of charge for their ceremony: the arbour, wooden benches, church pews, signing table and chairs. Manjimup Florist provided all the beautiful bouquets and the floral creation on the arbour.

Karri tells us that the Upper Clearing “was the most spectacular setting we could have hoped for. So natural and the photos with the background of the forest and farm were perfect and just so beautiful.” Love Ashleigh Celebrant married them. Karri goes on to tell us how her “ceremony speech was so personalised to us as a couple and so fun, interactive and joyous. It made everything fade away and we just enjoyed the whole thing so much.”

Another standout moment for Karri and Dan was getting the first glimpse of each other waiting at each end of the isle – while her little nephew brought the rings down for Dan. “That gave us a minute and a few seconds to really revel in each other and almost shed a few tears.”

In between the ceremony and the reception Victoria Baker Photography photographed the bride, groom and bridal party. Victoria took them to many of the beautiful locations around the estate for some stunning photos. By the river.

On the Old Bridge.

On the road leading to Stonebarn.

Karri and Dan held their reception on the verandah. They did an absolutely amazing job of the colour scheme and long table set-up all by themselves. They hired our trestle tables, white gladiator chairs and gas heaters. Everything else they provided themselves and the result was magnificent. The colours they chose for the tablecloths, napkins and cutlery matched perfectly the change in season. It all blended beautifully with the deep orange/purple/red tones from the vine changing with autumn. They had so many people comment on how spectacular the setting was. Guests also said it was the most beatiful wedding that they have been to yet due to the stunning setting.

Supper Road catered for Karri and Dan’s wedding. Their guests were still raving about the food on the day and even a week later. In fact, they still get people commenting on how incredible the food was and how much they loved the banquet family share style they had.

Last Crumb Cake Co made the exquisite wedding cake.

Karri and Dan used the Dining Room as their dance floor, where Morris Entertainment Group provided the music. Their first dance was a standout moment for them. They had a long sparkler tunnel leading from the grass into the dance floor. The song “Home” by Edwards Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros had everyone stomping their feet, singing along and spinning around.

Karri reminisces, “it was just the most perfect day. From the weather – a 2 day break from rain – to a stunning sunny day in April, to the food, photography, entertainment. Literally everything was perfect and we just had the most spectacular time with our best friends and families. We could not have had anything more than what we had.”

Congratulations Karri and Dan! We wish you both a wonderful journey of marriage together. Thank you so much for choosing Stonebarn as your wedding venue and sharing your wedding story with us!

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