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Real Weddings: Tayla & Zak

Tayla and Zak chose an intimiate riverside wedding ceremony at Stonebarn on 17th May 2023. Tayla and Zak share their Stonebarn wedding experience and beautiful photos by Holly Medway below.

They first came across Stonebarn on Instagram when looking for wedding venues. Stonebarn was the first and only place they viewed.

They chose Stonebarn over other wedding venues because of its exceptional features. The location itself is stunning, surrounded by natural beauty with a river and forest, creating a picturesque setting for their ceremony. The privacy and exclusivity offered by Stonebarn was also a significant factor. They wanted a place where their immediate faimilies could stay together for an extended duration. Stonebarn lodge was big enough to accomodate everyone. “The beauty of the venue, combined with the ability to have a laid-back wedding in one location, made Stonebarn the perfect choice for us.”

Tayla and Zak booked the mid-week wedding package, which allowed them to extend their stay from Monday to Friday. This extra time not only gave them and their vendors the opportunity to prepare and fully immerse themselves in the venue’s beauty but also allowed their immediate family to arrive early and bond before the wedding.

The furniture and styling was organised by Lauren Green Events and implemented by Tomorrows Tribe.

Additionally, they invited guests who had traveled from interstate to visit them at Stonebarn after the wedding, creating an intimate post-wedding gathering to continue the celebration. The midweek package was a convenient and enjoyable option, providing them with a relaxed and memorable experience throughout the entire week.

They travelled down to Stonebarn the day before the wedding. In fact, they arrived a few days before the wedding to make the place their own and alleviate any stress associated with last-minute preparations. Being there in advance allowed them to fully immerse themselves in the serene atmosphere and ensured that the morning of the wedding was incredibly laid-back, allowing them to relax while having their makeup done by Grace Dyson Makeup.

For the ceremony, they chose the enchanting riverside location at Stonebarn. With a small guest count of 40, the setting was perfect. This spot held a deep significance for them, as it mirrored the location where Zak’s parents had tied the knot. The natural beauty of the surrounding forest and the gentle rapids created a breathtaking and idyllic backdrop for their intimate ceremony. They used Stonebarn chairs and signing table free of charge for the ceremony and the beautiful floral arrangements were provided by Scentiment Flowers.

It was the perfect choice for them, as the picturesque setting required minimal design effort—nature’s inherent charm spoke for itself. “Standing by the river, exchanging our vows, and surrounded by the serene beauty, it was an intimate and magical moment that will forever hold a special place in our hearts.” They were married by celebrant Nikki, from Love Empire.

Their reception took place at the exquisite Stonebarn lodge, where they made use of both the charming veranda and the elegant dining hall. This versatile venue provided the ideal setting for their intimate wedding celebration. Collaborating with the talented team from Tomorrows Tribe, who took charge of the furniture and styling, the space underwent a magical transformation. Every detail was carefully curated to create a cosy and romantic atmosphere that resonated with their love for one another.

Tomorrows Tribe’s impeccable styling work infused the space with a sense of warmth and invitation. The combination of carefully chosen furnishings, thoughtful decor elements, and soft lighting contributed to the overall ambiance that they had envisioned. It was a joyous sight to behold and exceeded their expectations. The cosy veranda became an intimate space where guests mingled, and the dining hall provided a refined and comfortable setting for their celebrations.

Live music was provided by Sundance Duo/Cara.

The catering was provided by Hooley’s Catering. Not only did they do a great job of feeding all the guests on the night of the wedding, they also treated immediate family members, best man and maid of honor to a remarkable degustation experience the night before the wedding in Stonebarn’s wine cellar. It was an intimate gathering filled with delectable culinary delights, creating cherished memories and setting the tone for the joyous occasion to come.

Additionally, Tayla & Zak organised a delightful morning after brunch, catered by Hooley’s Catering, where all their guests were invited to join them before they departed back to Perth or the East Coast. It was a wonderful opportunity to extend the celebrations and express their gratitude to their loved ones for being a part of their special day. Gathering together one last time, they enjoyed a relaxed and joyful brunch, reminiscing about the wedding and relishing in the love and happiness that filled the air. These two events provided cherished moments of connection and added to the overall magic and enjoyment of their wedding experience.

“What made our wedding so amazing was the ability to make Stonebarn our own. Being able to spend a few days at the venue before the wedding allowed us to fully immerse ourselves in the experience and eliminate any stress. The laid-back atmosphere on the morning of the wedding made it feel as if there were no wedding preparations taking place at all. The presence of our loved ones, combined with the ability to create an event that truly reflected who we are, made the wedding incredibly meaningful and unforgettable. Additionally, the sublime weather with clear skies and a spectacular sunset added an extra touch of magic to the entire day.”

Congratulations Tayla and Zak! Thank you so much for choosing Stonebarn for your wedding. We hope Stonebarn will hold special memories for you both throughout your married life.

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